Product Details

The Significant Voltage fluctuations that occur on the electrical network simulates the premature ageing of the critical machines and even damages them in most cases.

The solution of this type of problem is the use of voltage stabilizers which guarantee that the connected loads will always operate within safe limits that will not damage them and the regulated voltage enables the machines to operate at a better efficiency thereby avoiding energy loss.

Servo Stabilizer with Advanced Micro Controller System

Advanced Micro Controller today, the base for the new generation power conducting devices, provides a highly precise correction and regulation with auto calibration feature. Its instant response and smooth drive outputs enhances the performance of the entire correction system.

energeno. Stabilizer’s unique single screen and key pad enables the user to grasp faster, the input and output status of the phase and to read input & output voltage, current and frequency within seconds.

Salient Features:

  • Excellent regulation as high as + _0.5%.
  • Full proof OV,UV & Over load Cut-off System.
  • Flush mounting of variac ensuring zero carbon deposit & optimum brush tension.
  • Micro controller circuit ensures constant output voltage even with distorted Input.
  • High accuracy Class 1 LCD/Digital VAF Meter.
  • Auto/Manual Facility Provided.
  • Rugged and Smooth voltage control.
  • Quickest response time 10 ms (half a cycle).
  • High speed of voltage correction with zero hunting.
  • Unaffected by load power factor.

  • Efficiency above 98%.
  • Smart time delay for Cut-off.
  • No noise or transient generated by the system due to isolated servo drive.
  • Time delay for auto restart programmable.
  • User friendly front panel.
  • Small & Compact in size.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Phase reversal protection programmable.
  • Dual Protection for single phasing.
  • Zero wave from distortion.